Son of York

Son of York Cover
Title – Son of York

Author – Amy Licence

Genre – Historical fiction

Length – 328 pages

Published – 1 May 2017

My Rating – ★★★





I have been really excited to talk about this book since I received it about 2 weeks ago. It is the first book I received via Netgalley (a platform where authors and publishers can get feedback for books prior to publication or in their early stages). When I was looking for books on Netgalley, I was hunting for interesting ones from the historical fiction and fantasy genre (*surprise surprise*). I found Son of York written by Amy Licence and was thrilled. I already read the Waringam series from Rebecca Gablé, which covers the Wars of the Roses between the “white rose” associated with the House of York and the “red rose” related to the House of Lancaster, from the Lancaster perspective. Naturally, I was over-excited to get my hands on a book covering the time around 1455 from the opposing-angle. The two factions were both branches of the royal House of Plantagenet and therefore rivaled for the control of the throne of England for many years.

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His Majesty’s Dragon – Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik first book of the Temeraire series my rating: ★★★★

Title – His Majesty’s Dragon

Series –  Temeraire #1

Author – Naomi Novik, Marianne Schmidt (translation into German)

Genre – Fantasy, speculative fiction, historical fiction

Length – 352 pages

Published – 6 Aug. 2007

My Rating – ★★★★

I stumbled upon His Majesty’s Dragon, the first book of the Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik some time ago. As you may know by now I am a huge fan of the Inheritance Cycle and also love historical fiction. The Temeraire Series Novik offers both – the perfect material for someone like me! I picked up the book in the bookshop back in my hometown in Germany and read the full series in the translated version (translated by Marianne Schmidt). The cool thing about German is, that we build as long words as we like and actually get away with it. This was exploited deftly for the translated title of the books. Each book title consists of two words, and the first one is always “Drachen” (German word for dragon as you might have guessed) followed by another word describing the key aspect of the book – the first book is called “Drachenbrut” (dragon offspring). The different variations of dragon-something makes a quite cool title and is the first aspect about the book that I instantly liked. The other was the intriguing cover of the book (I used the English one as the feature image but check out the German one below). I love how the typical scuttle (or bull’s-eye or just ships window) has been combined with the dragon theme in both covers.

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Hannibal: Enemy of Rome

Hannibal Enemy of Rome

Title – Hannibal: Enemy of Rome

Series – Hannibal #1

Author – Ben Kane

Genre – Roman historical fiction

Length – 576 pages

Published – 19 Jan. 2012

My Rating – ★★★★





I bought Hannibal: Enemy of Rome about two years ago. I went to my favourite bookshop looking for something new (like I always do when I finish a series and need new inspiration). While I have always been a massive fan of ancient Rome, I was also interested in those nations or leaders, that made Rome tremble, such as Pyrrhus of Epirus, the gladiator Spartacus and Attila the Hun – but above all I have been fascinated by Hannibal Barca of Carthage. So, when I reached my preferred bookshelf about historical fiction and saw the title “Hannibal” in big capital letters, I was instantly thrilled. Until that time, I had not read anything else written by Ben Kane, but heard of his great reputation with respect to his historical accuracy and good writing style – referring to his famous The lost Legion trilogy, so I had to buy it and started reading it as soon as I was back home.

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