Throne of Jade – Naomi Novik

Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik's Temeraire #2
Title – Throne of Jade

Series – Temeraire #2

Author – Naomi Novik

Genre – Fantasy

Length – 400 pages

Published – 6 August 2007

My Rating – ★★★★






It has been a while since I wrote about the debut novel of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik (for the first book click here), so it is time for the sequel. As you might recall I have been reading most of the series in the German translation – done by Marianne Schmidt. I really like the differences in the cover of the English and German version and admittedly fancy the German one much more. Especially, how cover and title stick to the same theme throughout the series. The first book was extremely fascinating, creating a world in which dragons and humans live side by side although not as equals in the British society during the Napoleonian Era.

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The Maharajah’s General – Paul Fraser Collard

Book cover of Paul Fraser Collard's
Title – The Maharajah’s General

Series – Jack Lark #2

Author – Paul Fraser Collard

Genre – Historical Fiction

Length – 336 pages

Published – 27 March 2014

My Rating – ★★★★





As I have mentioned in my review of Collard’s debut novel “The Scarlet Thief”, I started reading the Jack Lark series because I received the latest and 6th book from Netgalley. I am reading the whole series at the moment and I am quite excited to share my views on the books with you.

When I started the sequel, there was a little “about the book” page in the beginning. I read it just before starting the first chapter (just because you start reading in the beginning, don’t you?). After reading it, I felt this surely gave most of it away, and especially reading the first half of the book, I always knew what to expect from that early section, which was quite irritating I can assure you. So apart from the advice not ever to read the “about the book” section before reading the book, let’s get to the story.

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The Emoji Book Tag Challenge


I have never done any challenges like this before – but better late than never. I have been tagged by A Very Fantasy Corner of Books and even though it was ages ago, I thought I should finally get it done. So, the idea is that you choose 5 emojis that you either like or use frequently, and match them with books. Actually, I struggled for quite a while with this relatively straightforward task, but check it out and see what you think. I found the image on Mariana’s blog and it was just perfect here 🙂

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Eldest – Christopher Paolini

Title – Eldest

Series – The Inheritance Cycle #2

Author – Christopher Paolini

Genre – Fantasy

Length – 704 pages

Published – 7 September 2006

My Rating – ★★★★





After my excitement about Paolini’s first book, I could not wait to get my hands on the sequel – Eldest. I mentioned in my previous post that I was sharing the book with a friend. However, I simply had to read the book first and consumed it in a matter of days! There were so many open questions for me by the end of “Eragon”:

What happened to Roran and Eragon’s home village after he left? What about Eragon’s training? If Brom (read more about him here) could survive as a dragon rider, did others too?

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The Scarlet Thief – Paul Fraser Collard

The Scarlet Thief
Title – The Scarlet Thief

Series – Jack Lark #1

Author – Paul Fraser Collard

Genre – Historical fiction

Length – 352 pages

Published – 21 November 2013

My Rating – ★★★★





As you might have guessed already from the historical fiction books I have talked about so far, I have a very strong focus on Ancient Rome and this only recently changed to include more recent history. It started with a deep fascination for the Napoleonic era and consequently its downfall mainly brought about by Wellington (I will talk about Simon Scarrow’s books covering this period of time as soon as possible!). When I started reviewing books, I also created a Netgalley account and looked through the books available for ARC (advanced reading copy) reviews. I stumbled across the latest and sixth book of the Jack Lark series and the plot sounded super interesting. At the time, I did not realise that it was the sixth book that I was requesting and there I am – receiving the latest book of a series without knowing anything about the others. As I was about to go on holiday for 10 days this seemed the best time to set myself a challenge to read the whole series in one go and review the lot (if it should proof good enough that is!). I am reading book number 4 now and I love it so far and I just want to start reviewing them, so here we go.

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The Boat of Fate – Keith Roberts

The Boat of Fate
Title – The Boat of Fate

Author – Keith Roberts

Genre – Historical fiction

Length – 356 pages

Published – 1 March 2001

My Rating – ★★★★★






I must admit, never to have picked this book up in a book shop if it had not come highly recommended by Ben Kane. The reason is just all too clear… I mean look at that cover! It just looks weird and personally, I think it does not attract a lot of attention (at least none that is positive). As I was forewarned that “one of the best roman historical fiction novels” comes with the “worst cover ever” I chose to take the book anyway (stoically keeping the book face-down!). As you surely have guessed from my rating, I loved the story and I should thank Kane for pushing his support for it.

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