The Emoji Book Tag Challenge


I have never done any challenges like this before – but better late than never. I have been tagged by A Very Fantasy Corner of Books and even though it was ages ago, I thought I should finally get it done. So, the idea is that you choose 5 emojis that you either like or use frequently, and match them with books. Actually, I struggled for quite a while with this relatively straightforward task, but check it out and see what you think. I found the image on Mariana’s blog and it was just perfect here 🙂

ashamed monkey

The ashamed monkey emoji

I sometimes (or quite often) have these moments when I just said something rather embarrassing, did not get a joke, or just managed to get myself into yet another slightly awkward situation. At such times, this is my way-to-go emoji. When I think about a fitting book (series) that comes to my mind straight way it is the Niklas-series written by Soeren Olsson. As you can tell from the cover, it is a book for children motivating them to get into reading. Unfortunately, the books have not been translated into English as far as I am aware, but basically each book features some aspect of adolescence, such as the first crush or how being good at school can be cool as well. These stories are relatively short and extremely easy to read and for me this was the first series that I have read through on my own.

As this is obviously completely not the type of book I would usually cover, you might understand the chosen emoji 🙂



The nerd face emoji

Well, this one just has to be Harry Potter! I totally love the whole Harry Potter world that J.K.Rowling has created, I read all the books a trillion times over, listened to the audiobooks, watched the movies and have checked out Pottermore (my Patronus is a bay stallion). So yeah…the nerd face (with those roundish glasses ;)) is probably the most suitable!



The winking-eye emoji

This one is a must-use emoji in my repertoire. I miiiiiight overuse it a bit (I certainly do!). If I should pick a book to associate this one with, my first thought goes to The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I don’t often read this kind of book but in a strange way this felt oddly relatable as a physicist. This is also probably the only contemporary fiction book I have read and enjoyed in a long while!

rosie project

neutral face

The neutral face emoji

I was quite disappointed by the first book of the “The wheel of time” – series by Robert Jordan. It came highly recommended but just did not appeal to me that much. This was the first time I did not read the sequel of a series straight away. It feels quite strange to talk about a series that is in such high esteem in that way, but there you go. I might give it another chance in the future, if my TBR is looking bleak, but that time seems to be very far in the future.

the wheel of time


The cool emoji

Well, there is no choice but The Lord of the Rings for this one! I mean, who can think of a cooler nighttime story than this?! The fact that Tolkien came up with something just remotely as cool as this is simply mind-blowing. Middle Earth is just such an amazing world, with an incredible detailed history and its own legends. The characters really draw you in and it is basically one of the best stories I have ever come across! I might talk some more about it all, but it feels like soooooo much has already been said, that I am going to talk about other less popular books for now.

the lord of the rings

That concludes the Emoji Book Tag Challenge! What are the emojis you use most and what books would you associate with them?



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