Son of York

Son of York Cover
Title – Son of York

Author – Amy Licence

Genre – Historical fiction

Length – 328 pages

Published – 1 May 2017

My Rating – ★★★





I have been really excited to talk about this book since I received it about 2 weeks ago. It is the first book I received via Netgalley (a platform where authors and publishers can get feedback for books prior to publication or in their early stages). When I was looking for books on Netgalley, I was hunting for interesting ones from the historical fiction and fantasy genre (*surprise surprise*). I found Son of York written by Amy Licence and was thrilled. I already read the Waringam series from Rebecca Gablé, which covers the Wars of the Roses between the “white rose” associated with the House of York and the “red rose” related to the House of Lancaster, from the Lancaster perspective. Naturally, I was over-excited to get my hands on a book covering the time around 1455 from the opposing-angle. The two factions were both branches of the royal House of Plantagenet and therefore rivaled for the control of the throne of England for many years.

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