The Boat of Fate – Keith Roberts

The Boat of Fate
Title – The Boat of Fate

Author – Keith Roberts

Genre – Historical fiction

Length – 356 pages

Published – 1 March 2001

My Rating – ★★★★★






I must admit, never to have picked this book up in a book shop if it had not come highly recommended by Ben Kane. The reason is just all too clear… I mean look at that cover! It just looks weird and personally, I think it does not attract a lot of attention (at least none that is positive). As I was forewarned that “one of the best roman historical fiction novels” comes with the “worst cover ever” I chose to take the book anyway (stoically keeping the book face-down!). As you surely have guessed from my rating, I loved the story and I should thank Kane for pushing his support for it.

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